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Neom City: NEOM Green Hydrogen Company (NGHC), the company that is building the world’s largest green hydrogen plant recently received its first set of wind turbines.

The turbines arrived at the Port of NEOM in northwest Saudi Arabia on October 8 2023. They are currently being transported by road to the Wind Garden site near the Gulf of Aqaba where they will be assembled and installed.

Additional turbines are expected to be delivered by the end of the year.

Resumen del proyecto de la ciudad de Neom

Neom City Project is a planned cross-border city in northwestern Saudi Arabia, Tabuk Province. It is aimed to have smart city technologies and also act as a tourist destination. The area is in the northern part of the Red Sea, south of Jordan and Israel, and east of Egypt across the Strait of Tiran.

It will cover an estimated area of 26,500 km2 extending 460 km on the coast of the Red Sea. Key parts of the Neom project design were acquired from the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Arabia Saudita planea completar la primera fase del Proyecto Neom City para 2025. Se estima que el esquema costará $ 500 mil millones. El 29 de enero de 2019, Arabia Saudita reveló que había formado una sociedad anónima cerrada llamada Neom con $ 500 mil millones. El objetivo de la empresa, adquirida íntegramente por el Fondo de Inversión Pública, el fondo soberano de riqueza, era desarrollar la zona económica de Neom.

The development is aimed to be powered by renewable energies. The project emerged from the country’s Vision 2030, a plan that aims to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil, stretch its economy and grow public service sectors. The scheme calls for robots to perform duties such as logistics, security, caregiving, and home delivery.

Furthermore, it aims for the city to be powered solely by solar and wind power. Due to the city’s design construction starting from scratch, more infrastructure innovations and mobility have been suggested. Planning and construction will be done with $500 billion from the country’s Public Investment Fund and international investors.

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Cronología del proyecto de la ciudad de Neom


In October, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman revealed Neom City at the Future Investment Initiative conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He added that the city will operate on its own, away from the “existing governmental framework” with its own labour and tax laws and also an “autonomous judicial system.”


Egipto declaró que está contribuyendo con algunas tierras al esquema Neom.

Jul 2020

The world’s largest green hydrogen facility is set to be constructed in the northwest corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The US $5bn plant will supply 650 tons per day of carbon-free hydrogen for transportation globally and spare the world 3 million tons of carbon dioxide every year.

El proyecto de empresa conjunta entre Productos químicos para el aire, ACWA Power, and NEOM is the first partnership for NEOM with leading international and national partners in the renewable energy field and it will be a cornerstone for its strategy to become a major player in the global hydrogen market.

Tecnología de clase mundial

It is based on proven, world-class technology and will include the innovative integration of over 4GW of renewable power from solar, wind, and storage; production of 650 tons per day of hydrogen by electrolysis using tecnología thyssenkrupp; producción de nitrógeno por separación de aire utilizando la tecnología de Air Products; y producción de 1.2 millones de toneladas al año de amoníaco verde utilizando Tecnología Haldor Topsoe. El proyecto está programado para estar operativo en 2025.

Air Products será el comprador exclusivo del amoníaco verde y tiene la intención de transportarlo por todo el mundo para disociarlo y producir hidrógeno verde para el mercado del transporte.

According to Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer for Air Products, harnessing the unique profile of NEOM’s sun and wind to convert water to hydrogen, this project will yield a totally clean source of energy on a massive scale and will save the world over 3 million tons of Carbon dioxide emissions annually and eliminate smog-forming emissions and other pollutants from the equivalent of over 700,000 cars.

“We are therefore honoured and proud to partner with ACWA Power and NEOM and use proven technologies to make the world’s dream of 100 per cent green energy a reality,” he added.

septiembre 2020

AECOM appointed to design utility infrastructure at US $500bn NEOM Bay project in KSA

AECOM has been awarded a contract to design transport and utility infrastructure at the US $500bn NEOM Bay mega-project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to design services, AECOM’s scope of work also includes environmental and geotechnical support.

According to AECOM Brett Smythe, chief projects officer of NEOM, AECOM will help Neom to create the “primary and base infrastructure” required to support the ambitious project. “NEOM’s next-generation cognitive cities will support its cutting-edge urban environments, improving the lives of residents and businesses far beyond the capabilities of today’s smart cities; it will be a beacon for future living,” he said.

Megaproyecto Bahía NEOM

Located in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia, at the intersection with Jordan and Egypt, Neom is the flagship project of Saudi Arabia’s post-oil diversification plan known as Vision 2030 which seeks to reduce its reliance on hydrocarbons. It is being overseen by the Public Investment Fund.

NEOM Bay will be a special economic zone and diverse society offering world-class education, healthcare, and culture for a new way of living. Once complete, NEOM Bay Phase 1 will span a 45-square-kilometre area and be comprised of several thousand residential units, and leisure, retail, commercial, public, and entertainment facilities with supporting infrastructure and utilities.

Enero 2021

El príncipe heredero de Arabia Saudita ha anunciado planes para construir una ciudad sin emisiones de carbono en NEOM, el primer gran proyecto de construcción de la zona comercial insignia de US$ 500mn destinada a diversificar la economía del mayor exportador de petróleo del mundo.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated that the zero-carbon city known as “The Line” will extend over 170 km and would be able to house a million residents in “carbon-positive urban developments powered by 100% clean energy”. He then went on to report that the project took 3 years in preparation and its infrastructure would cost $100 billion to $200 billion to bring to reality.

Afirmó que "la columna vertebral de la inversión en 'The Line' provendrá del apoyo de $ 500 mil millones a NEOM por parte del gobierno saudí, PIF e inversores locales y globales durante 10 años", el fondo de riqueza soberana del Reino Saudita, el Fondo de Inversión Pública ( PIF), es el principal inversor en NEOM, un desarrollo de alta tecnología de 26,500 kilómetros cuadrados en el Mar Rojo con varias zonas, incluidas áreas industriales y logísticas, cuya construcción se espera que finalice en 2025.

Un informe oficial saudí indicó que la construcción comenzaría en el primer trimestre de 2021 y que se esperaba que la ciudad contribuyera con 48 millones de dólares estadounidenses al producto interno bruto del reino y creara 380,000 puestos de trabajo. “A lo largo de la historia, las ciudades se construyeron para proteger a sus ciudadanos. Después de la Revolución Industrial, las ciudades priorizaron las máquinas, los automóviles y las fábricas sobre las personas. En las ciudades que se consideran las más avanzadas del mundo, la gente pasa años de su vida viajando.

Para 2050, la duración de los viajes al trabajo se duplicará. Para 2050, mil millones de personas tendrán que trasladarse debido al aumento de las emisiones de CO2 y del nivel del mar. El 90% de las personas respira aire contaminado. ¿Por qué debemos sacrificar la naturaleza en aras del desarrollo? ¿Por qué deberían morir siete millones de personas cada año a causa de la contaminación? ¿Por qué deberíamos perder un millón de personas cada año por accidentes de tráfico? ¿Y por qué deberíamos aceptar perder años de nuestras vidas viajando al trabajo? declaró el Príncipe Heredero.

En noviembre, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the launch of NEOM’s industrial city known as the OXAGON which is set to be the largest floating industrial complex in the entire world.

OXAGON will be located on the Red Sea close to the Suez Canal, and south of THE LINE, and it will include the current port of Duba. It will establish the world’s first fully integrated port and supply chain ecosystem for NEOM City. The port, logistics, and rail delivery facility will be unified, providing world-class productivity levels with net-zero carbon emissions, and setting global benchmarks in the adoption of technology and environmental sustainability.

Diciembre 2021

NEOM y Volocopter, el pionero de la movilidad aérea urbana, estableció una empresa conjunta (JV) para diseñar, implementar y operar el primer sistema de movilidad público eVTOL (despegue y aterrizaje vertical eléctrico) a medida del mundo en la ciudad futurista.

Según el acuerdo, se espera que un total de 15 aviones Volocopter comiencen sus operaciones de vuelo iniciales en los próximos 2 o 3 años. Diez de los 15 atenderán pasajeros mientras que los cinco restantes transportarán mercancías.

Arqit Quantum Inc. (“Arqit”) y NEOM Tech and Digital Company (a través de su afiliada, NEOM Company) han firmado un Memorando de Entendimiento (MOU) para construir un sistema de seguridad cuántica de 'Ciudad Cognitiva' capaz de defender ciudades cognitivas contra ataques cibernéticos desde el computadoras más avanzadas que surgirán en los próximos años.

El sistema se construirá y probará en la ciudad de NEOM durante la primera mitad de 2022, después de lo cual podría exportarse a otras ciudades cognitivas de todo el mundo, ofreciendo a miles de millones de usuarios un medio altamente seguro para autenticar, identificar y asegurar todo tipo de dispositivos mientras garantizando plenamente su privacidad.

Este mismo mes y año, Thyssenkrupp Uhde Cloro Ingenieros y Productos de aire firmó un contrato para el establecimiento de una planta de electrólisis de más de 2 GW en la instalación de producción de hidrógeno verde planificada de US $ 5 mil millones, la más grande de su tipo en el mundo, en el complejo OXAGON propuesto.

Según el contrato, Thyssenkrupp diseñará, adquirirá y fabricará la planta basada en su módulo de electrólisis de agua alcalina de 20MW, en lo que será el primer electrolizador de H2 verde a escala giga del mundo. Los socios del proyecto Neom, el desarrollador ACWA Power and Air Products (como Neom Green Hydrogen Company) operarán la instalación de 2GW al momento de la puesta en marcha después de que comience la producción programada en 2026.

Marzo 2022

Saudia Arabia to start the actual construction of a US$ 5bn Green Hydrogen Plant in Neom City

El Gobierno de Arabia Saudita ha anunciado planes para comenzar la construcción real de una planta de hidrógeno verde de US $ 5 mil millones en la ciudad de Neom tan pronto como este mes, luego de completar el aplanamiento del sitio de construcción.

Esto fue particularmente anunciado por Peter Terium, el jefe de energía y agua de la región anfitriona del proyecto, que fue elegido debido a la abundancia de viento, kand vacío y luz solar. 

Terium dijo que, en general, el los planes para comenzar a vender y exportar hidrógeno libre de carbono en aproximadamente 4 años (para 2026) están programados. 

Implementación del proyecto

The construction of the Green Hydrogen Plant in Neom City is led by a consortium that includes, ACWA Power International and Air Products. The companies will make use of 120 Thyssenkrupp AG electrolyzers.

Cada uno de estos electrolizadores tendrá 40 metros de largo y se utilizará para separar el hidrógeno del agua. Una vez procesado, el combustible se enviará desde la planta, ya que es más fácil transportar amoníaco que hidrógeno en estado gaseoso. 

Al finalizar, el Green Hydrogen Plant in Neom City will immensely contribute to Saudi Arabia’s ambition to become the biggest exporter of hydrogen which is considerado como una transición fundamental hacia una forma de energía más limpia. Es menos contaminante para el medio ambiente que el petróleo porque el combustible solo produce vapor de agua cuando se quema, lo que lo convierte en una mejor alternativa al carbón y al gas natural.

Sin embargo, aún no se dispone de tecnología para producirlo en masa o más bien a escala comercial, según BloombergNEF, el mercado podría tener un valor potencial de US$ 700 mil millones anuales para 2050.

Revelan planes para Mega Proyecto Turístico de Trojena 

El presidente de la junta directiva de la empresa NEOM y príncipe heredero, Mohammed bin Salman, ha revelado el megaproyecto de turismo de Trojena que ofrecerá un destino turístico que constará de una serie de instalaciones que incluyen, entre otros, centros de bienestar, una amplia gama de tiendas minoristas y restaurantes. , un pueblo de esquí y un complejo familiar de ultra lujo, todos repartidos en seis distritos, a saber; Discover, Valley, Relax, Gateway, Explore y Fun.   

Además de las instalaciones de clase mundial, el proyecto, que está programado para completarse en 2026, también ofrecerá deportes acuáticos, pistas de esquí, ciclismo de montaña, una reserva natural interactiva, música, arte, deportes y festivales culturales. 

Implementation of the Trojena Mega Tourism Project to conform to NEOM’s commitment to minimizing disruption to the local ecology

Según el Príncipe Heredero, todas las actividades de construcción del Mega Proyecto Turístico de Trojena, que está ubicado en el centro de NEOM a aproximadamente 50 kilómetros de la costa del Golfo de Aqaba, se apegarán al compromiso de NEOM de minimizar la interrupción de la ecología local al tiempo que garantizan una larga vida. término sustentabilidad.

Mohammed bin Salman expresó que el Mega Proyecto Turístico de Trojena redefinirá el turismo de montaña para el mundo a través de la creación de un lugar basado en los principios del ecoturismo y agregó que el proyecto también está alineado con el esfuerzo global para proteger el medio ambiente.

Expectativas del proyecto

Se espera que el proyecto atraiga a más de 7,000 residentes permanentes y sus áreas residenciales adyacentes para el año 2030. También se espera que atraiga a más de 700,000 800 visitantes, agregue cerca de US$ 2030 millones al PIB de Arabia Saudita para el año 10,000 y cree más de XNUMX XNUMX empleos. .

The Chairman of the NEOM Company Board explained that the Trojena Mega Tourism Project will guarantee that mountain tourism will be another stream of revenue in supporting Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification, while at the same time, still preserving the country’s natural resources for future generations to come. 

Enowa establecerá el primer Centro de Hidrógeno e Innovación de Arabia Saudita

ciudad neom

Neom Energy’s water and hydrogen subsidiary Enowa ha revelado planes para establecer lo que se ha acuñado como el primer Centro de Innovación e Hidrógeno (HIDC) de Arabia Saudita. También se dice que la instalación es uno de los primeros inquilinos de la ciudad de innovación y fabricación de Neom, Oxagon.

El proyecto se centra en acelerar el desarrollo comercial en todo el espectro del hidrógeno, así como en la producción, utilización y transporte de combustible verde. El Centro de Innovación e Hidrógeno también tiene como objetivo aumentar lar to market solutions.

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Haciendo referencia a una declaración hecha por NEOM, el Centro de Hidrógeno e Innovación actuará como un campo de pruebas para nuevas tecnologías que están presentes en la industria de la energía limpia. También servirá como una comunidad de aprendizaje colaborativo para instituciones de investigación que se centren en la economía circular del carbono (CCE), así como en el hidrógeno.

Through the collaborations, the centre will look for ways in which it can adapt and produce clean, synthetic, and decarbonized fuels in partnership with Saudi Aramco. This new facility is said to have the potential to fast-track Saudi Arabia’s goal of becoming a global hub of clean energy and innovation.

The Hydrogen and Innovation Centre is planned to open by next year. The facility will gather all operational data from its first 20 megawatts electrolyzer from Thyssenkrupp Nucera. The electrolyzer is also the very same that will be used in what is the world’s largest green hydrogen and ammonia plant that is being by Neom Green Hydrogen Company (NGHC).

The facility will also contribute to Enowa’s plans with Air Products Qudra in testing advanced hydrogen fuel cell-based mobility and logistics solutions. CEO of Enowa, Peter Terium, expressed his pride in Neom becoming one of the global accelerators for the hydrogen economy, He also added that their ambition was to promote the economic implementation of future clean energy supplies as well as drive and encourage innovation.

Jun 2022

Los contratos de perforación y voladura de túneles más grandes del mundo adjudicados en NEOM City

Los contratos de obras de perforación y voladura de túneles para uno de los proyectos de infraestructura de servicios públicos y transporte más grandes del mundo han sido otorgados por los desarrolladores de NEOM City a dos grupos de empresas conjuntas. 

The contracts for the project which are separated by lower and upper geographies were awarded to FCC Construcción/Corporación Estatal de Ingeniería de la Construcción de China/Compañía contratista Shibh Al-Jazira Empresa conjunta (FCC/CSCEC/SAJCO JV), y Samsung C&T Corporation/Hyundai Ingeniería y Construcción Co. Ltd/Compañía saudí Archirodon Empresa Mixta (SHAJV). 

Alcance del proyecto 

Considerado un elemento significativo y esencial para garantizar que el megaproyecto saudita continúe cumpliendo con su calendario de desarrollo establecido, el proyecto implica principalmente obras de perforación y voladura de dos túneles de 28 kilómetros de longitud. Según se informa, la roca excavada se procesará para su posterior reutilización dentro del revestimiento de hormigón permanente de los túneles y otros proyectos dentro de la ciudad de NEOM para garantizar un impacto mínimo en los paisajes naturales.

Las obras proporcionarán túneles separados para los servicios ferroviarios de alta velocidad y mercancías, lo que contribuiría a garantizar que el movimiento de mercancías y personas sea seguro, más fácil y más rápido.

El director general de NEOM, Nadhini Al-Nasr, stated that the project’s sheer scope and scale of the tunnelling work(s) that is to be undertaken is further proof of the complexity and ambition of the project in general. He further expressed that the company aims to maintain its progress as it moves toward achieving its vision for a new future which has been established by the Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM board of directors, Mohammed bin Salman. 

Agosto 2022

Se revelaron los planes de diseño para la 'Línea de espejos', un edificio de 105 millas de largo dentro de la ciudad de Neom

Design plans have been revealed for the proper “Mirror Line” or simply “The Line” which is a 105-mile-long building within the desert city dubbed Neom in Saudi Arabia. According to the designs, the development will consist of two 1,600-foot tall buildings. The buildings will extend horizontally, in parallel, for 75 miles from the Gulf of Aqaba in the country’s west, through a mountain range, into the desert “aerotropolis”.

Moreover, the buildings will be coated in a silver shine and powered by renewable energy. They will also feature miles of greenery, homes, and farms to feed the more than five million residents expected to fill it out. Reportedly, people living here will have to subscribe to the building for three meals a day.

In addition, the two Mirror Line buildings will be connected via walkways, and a high-speed train will run underneath them. These amenities will enable the five million people to travel end-to-end within 20 minutes. Furthermore, according to Prince MBS, the development will have a sports stadium 300m above the ground.

Additionally, there will be a marina where residents will moor their yachts under an arch between the two skyscrapers. The Mirror Line will reportedly take 50 years to build.

septiembre 2022

Foundation works for “The Line” in Neom City, Commences

Ciudad de Neom

The foundation works for the Line in Neom City have officially commenced. This was announced by the project’s contractor, Trevi Arabian Soil Contractors. The latter is a subsidiary of the subsoil engineering specialist, Trevi Group.

According to the company, the foundation works began right after the completion of test piles. The test piles were used to identify the best execution technology that would be required to carry out the project. The diameter of the piles ranges from about 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters.

Reportedly, there are up to 70 meters of excavation works from the work surface. As a result, the firm plans to deploy high-end Soilmec equipment for the foundation works. Currently, the project boasts a total workforce of approximately 150 people. However, the numbers will see an increase to 250 once the construction site reaches its full capacity.

Además, Trevi reveló que los equipos actualmente presentes en el sitio son el Soilmec SR-100 y el SR-90. Mientras tanto, los planes para emplear el SR-135 y el SR-115/Sr-125 están en marcha.

Esta fase del proyecto contará con dos niveles distintos de desarrollo. El primero será el subterráneo para alta velocidad e infraestructuras. El segundo nivel, por otro lado, contará con un área verde para los residentes, así como caminos peatonales.

Enero 2023

Design contract awarded for Saudi NEOM Construction Village

A design contract has been awarded for five Saudi NEOM Construction Villages (NCV). The contract was awarded to Egypt’s Engineering Consultants Group (ECG).

As per the contract, ECG will handle data collection, design review, as well as master planning, and works for the project. In addition, the company will oversee the design report, the concept design, the detailed design, and design development.

A deeper look into the NEOM Construction Villages Project

The villages span a total area of 1,647,000 meters squared. Four out of the five villages cover an area of 798,000. The fifth site on the other hand will cover a total area of 849,000 meters squared.

All villages feature combined facilities, utility buildings as well and residential facilities. The residential facilities for each village within the project, include SAUDI NEOM camp type A suite (G), NEOM camp type B (G+1), and contractors’ type A (G).

Meanwhile, the combined facilities that are located on the ground floor for each of the villages include office buildings, a multi-purpose hall, a maintenance warehouse, and registration alongside FM offices.

Furthermore, the facilities will include a truck yard, laundry, and clinic, as well as secure facilities. Additionally, the villages will feature separate amenities for Saudi NEOM staff and FM staff alongside contractors’ staff.

Expectativas del proyecto 

The NEOM Construction Villages Project is a result of a partnership signed in September 2019. The agreement was signed between SATCO and Al-Tamimi to construct, finance as well as, and operation facilitation.

As per the agreement, Al-Tamimi Group will develop two residential areas within the village. These areas will have the capacity to house 10,000 residents each. Alongside SATCO, the two developers will operate the village for a total of 10 years.

Feb 2023

A new delivery partner announced for The Line at NEOM City


A new delivery partner, Corporación Parsons, has been appointed for the Line at NEOM City. The digitally enabled solutions provider places focus on defence, security, and infrastructure. Additionally, the US consultancy boasts an established and trusted presence in the Middle East for over 60 years. 

Parson’s framework agreement for the project includes consultancy services. Moreover, the firm will exercise construction management services for the design, procurement, construction, and testing. Additionally, Parson will also cater to the commissioning of the project, as well as management of its critical interfaces with adjacent NEOM logistics and projects. 

While commenting on the project, the President at Parsons said that the project aims to serve as contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more connected world. Pierre Santoni further said that the project will not just reshape the region but also, re-imagine the future of sustainable urban living on a global scale.

Marzo 2023

PMC contract awarded for NEOM International Airport project

A multi-year PMC contract for the NEOM International Airport Project has been awarded to AECOM. As per the contract, the global infrastructure consulting firm will provide project management consultancy (PMC) services. This will involve testing, commissioning, as well as operational readiness and transition (ORAT) for the airport. 

The NEOM International Airport project site is set within the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia. Currently, the site boasts well over 1500 full-time employees, consisting of about 65 nationalities, working on the project. The project’s scope of work includes upgrading existing structure airfield lighting as well as a maintenance building. Alongside, drainage infrastructure, a security and command centre in addition to security systems for the Airfield and Terminal.

As it stands, development works on the giga-project are in the building phase. The first destination, Sindalah, is due to open its doors in 2024.

Comentarios sobre el proyecto 

While commenting on the project, AECOM’s President said the project strives to transform travel between NEOM and the world. Lara Poloni further added that the project management experts will help in ensuring its successful and timely, delivery.

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The CEO of NEOM Airports revealed that the implementation of next-gen features and technologies will be across all NEOM airports. John Seldem also noted that the contract is a testament to their leadership position in the region. In addition to their continuous commitment to not just the project but the goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

NEOM International Airport project

Back in January 2019, the airport received 130 Saudi passengers, who were employees in NEOM. Thereafter, the airport got its first flight, a Saudi aircraft from Riyadh, in June 2019 The International Air Transport Association (IATA) classified the airport as a commercial hub.

Quite impressively, it serves as a logistic location as it links three countries, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it features as the first airport in the region to make use of the 5G wireless network service. 

Mayo 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Port of NEOM open for business


The planned smart city in Tabuk Province, NEOM through Oxagon, announced that the Port Of NEOM is now open for business. Formerly known as Duba Port, the primary northwest seaport was renamed the Port of NEOM.

As a whole, it aims to become the first-ever, advanced terminal by 2025. For its first phase of development., it boasts an investment of over $1.99 billion, well about SAR 7.5 billion.  

While commenting on the project, the CEO of NEOM said that it will serve as a catalyst for broader economic growth, especially in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Nadhmi Al Nasr added that it will potentially contribute to the maritime trade ambitions of the region. In addition to economic diversification and commercial competitiveness. 

Port of NEOM incorporates the use of 100% clean energy 

Quite impressively, the project as well as the Saudi government, strive to operate at a net carbon zero level, making use of 100% renewable energy at source. Therefore, NEOM will be powered by 100% clean energy.

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This will include the integrative use of wind, green hydrogen-based, and solar energy. According to a statement by NEOM, the seaport will potentially be the most sustainable next-generation port on a global scale. Furthermore, its location positions the port at the crossroads of global trading routes across the Red Sea. 

Taking it a step further, the project signed a contract during the week to build ‘The Connector’, a high-speed 57-kilometre railway line. It will stretch along the Red Sea coast and connect NEOM’s port city of Oxagon with The Line.

WeBuild alongside joint-venture partner, Shibh Al Jazira Contracting Company signed a contract that is worth $1.5 billion (€1.4 billion). At an estimate, officials revealed that the railway line will create well over 4,000 direct and indirect job opportunities, especially for the Saudi labour market. 

Assystem Selected to Conduct Assessment of NEOM’s 20GW Solar Projects

Sistema, an international project management services company, has been appointed by ENOWA (NEOM) to conduct pre-development studies for seven upcoming solar photovoltaic parks in the Tabuk and Duba regions. These solar parks play a crucial role in NEOM’s mission to become the world’s leading renewable energy hub.

The study will encompass a wide range of services, including site assessment, preliminary park design and master planning, environmental baseline surveys, environmental and social impact assessments, and permitting studies.

The company will conduct various assessments such as geotechnical, geophysical, topographical, hydrological, glint and glare, and corrosion evaluations. Additionally, Assystem will perform energy yield calculations and advanced park design.

Spanning over 420 km2, the designated sites hold the potential to generate more than 20 GW of energy, accounting for approximately 65% of land usage.

Jun 2023

EES contract signed for a 2,174-apartment project in NEOM city


Unangineered equipment supply contract has been signed for a 2,174-apartment project in NEOM city. The contract was signed by the international leader in modular building, the Scandinavian Industrial Building System (SIB).

The $500bn giga project will be developed right within northwestern Saudi Arabia. It will feature a total of 35 buildings that will serve as dedicated areas for workers who are assigned to the planning, engineering, and construction of NEOM.

By the third quarter of 2024, the development targets to have delivered the units.

About the 2,174-apartment project in NEOM city

Upon completion, the development will feature one and two-bedroom units. In addition to consistent amenities, each apartment will feature a balcony, an exclusive kitchen, and a bathroom.

Furthermore, the apartments will be compliant with NEOM’s regulations. Therefore, the project will incorporate sustainability into its design. As a result, the development will carry out the installation of solar panels on the buildings’ roofs. This in turn will enable the achievement of a considerable level of energy efficiency.

While commenting on the project’s agreement the CEO of SIBS said that they are excited to be a part of the development of NEOM. Erik Thomaeus further noted that the company will do its best to contribute towards the project becoming an international hub. In addition to being an innovative, business-centred, and sustainable development.

AUG 2023

NEOM City; TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Center opened


Recently, end of July 2023, TONOMUS, NEOM’s cognitive technology company, came to the completion of and opened its first digital communications facility.

Dubbed TONOMUS.NEOM Telecommunications Center, the facility spans an area of 18,000m2 in Oxagon, home to advanced and clean industries in NEOM City. It features a two-floor office building with the capacity to host up to 150 personnel, a high-capacity, highly efficient data centre and associated infrastructure.

The facility will reportedly power a software-driven network and secure private cloud that will serve up to 60 locations, 1,800 structures, 300,000 construction staff needed at NEOM by 2025 and 200 million IoT devices by 2030. Additionally, it will interface with key existing and future national and international digital networks and services to offer a seamless experience to end users.

Furthermore, it will enable predictive intelligence and cognitive solutions to create a sustainable, livable and equitable future.

Contrato adjudicado para a 380 kV overhead transmission line at Neom City

The design, supply and installation contract of a 380 kV overhead transmission line at Neom City has been awarded. The contract whose value is US$ 138M was awarded to the transmission and distribution business of KEC internacional.

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