Lubricantes del Mar del Norte BV

Lubricantes del Mar del Norte BV
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North Sea Lubricants B.V. is a major independent lubricating oil brand and global player based in the Netherlands.

Formed by key stakeholders in the lubricant industry, North Sea Lubricants provides a comprehensive selection of European manufactured high quality lubricants for today’s ever developing market.

North Sea Lubricants produces its full product range at a sophisticated ISO 9001: 2008 certified Lubricant Blending Plant in the Netherlands. The plant is located near Rotterdam, from where it can very well distribute the products on a worldwide base due to its favorable logistic position. The premium location of its Lubricant Blending Plant also allows North Sea Lubricants to acquire its high quality base oils and additives under the best possible conditions.

The North Sea Lubricants Blending Plant includes manufacturing facilities, blending tanks, warehouses, offices, a quality control laboratory and a technical / research & development department. The facility also has its own jetty which allows berthing of sea going vessels up to 7500 mT for the supply of high quality virgin base oils.
North Sea Lubricants’ product range is developed and produced with high quality base oils and additives, resulting in top quality lubricants meeting the latest standards of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Various products have also been officially approved by OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, MAN, VOLVO etc.

North Sea Lubricants aims to provide an European quality & service level on a worldwide base by selecting experienced and highly motivated local distributors, providing the best local service together with a backed up European quality product range.


As per January 2015, the North Sea Lubricants brand is successfully sold in over 65+ countries worldwide, all the way from Europe till Asia, from Africa & the Middle East to South America to the Pacific.

The North Sea Lubricants distributors proudly present the brand in their country, and year after year experience a rapid growth rate. The excellent price/quality ratio which North Sea Lubricants offers is a key factor to its rapid global expansion.

Lubricantes del Mar del Norte BV
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